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Southern School of Snow Sports'

Snow Sports and Outdoor Adventure Programs

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Learn to ski or snowboard in a

Southern School of Snow Sports program

We have a Program fit for your School, Church, Scout,
 Business group or just your Family

Official Field Trips Custom Fit to Meet
All the Guidelines of your School District!  
  Our Goal is to Bring the Best in Ski and Snowboard Experiences to those who have not yet touched by Snow Sports Like Us!
One way we do this is by bringing Snow Ski and Snowboard Programs that teach fundamental skills to beginners on a teaching slope on school campuses.  We do this so that when the new "Snowrider" hits the slopes for the first time, they have a more enjoyable experience because they start with some skills and knowledge that help them progress safely and rapidly.  We Specialize in working with Middle School Clubs, Church Youth Groups and Scouts but faculty members, family, and friends all have the opportunity to participate in our on campus Skills and Safety Program and join us on our "Snowriders' Club" Trips to the mountains.

Skiing and Snowboarding are
orts for a Lifetime!  It is imperative we promote an   active lifestyle to kids these days, especially with all the advances in technology (x-Box, I-phones, social media, etc...) Unlike most sports we play as kids, in high school, even as college students, skiing and snowboarding are sports that one can continue to enjoy into the later years of life. There is no better option for families to enjoy sports together than a day on the Slopes!                                   

Our Program Consists of 3 Major Parts:
#1  We Bring Ski and Snowboard Lessons to Your Community or School with a slope, equipment and instructors.
        "First We Bring a Slope to You...."
#2  We Bring our New Students and Experienced Snowriders to Ski Areas for Day Trips in the Mountains of Western NC.
        "...Then We Bring You to the Slopes"
#3 We offer Spring Break Trips to Colorado with chaperones, instructor/guides. 
                                Southern School of Snow Sports
"First We Bring a Slope to You ,
Then We Bring You to the Slopes"
Trey and Karla White
Certified ProfessionalInstructors  PSIA  AASI